Reports indicate that the Kwatemba was kidnapped by unknown people upon arriving in Nairobi on Saturday.
The former Milele FM presenter had earlier on attended the album launch of Gospel Musician Doreen Otipo in West Pokot.
It is while he was returning to Nairobi that the unknown gang waylaid him and kidnapped him.
Kwatemba who is also a gospel musician has recorded several songs including Yangula, Omwoyo, Yananga, Yohana, Khwekanile, Umeinuliwa, Tafuta Bwana, Hakuna Mwingine, Nena na Moyo, Obuyanzi, Niwe Wenyene, and Sasa Narudi.
The veteran broadcaster has worked at several media houses including KBC Radio Taifa 92.9FM, Sauti Ya Mkenya, Mulembe FM, Sayare Radio, Biblia Husema Broadcasting and Sema Radio 88.9FM.
He made headlines in 2015 after reportedly declining a hefty package offered by Milele FM in a bid to lure him from KBC.
The deal which was to see him co-host with Vincent Ateya fell through after he opted to stay a little longer at KBC.