Okay, here’s the thing
A friend of mine got married less than a year now.
He has this habit of sometimes waking up at night (anytime between 2:00am to like 5:00am) and go to the leaving room to watch TV (mostly weekends).
Most if the time, he is back in bed before 5:00am.
But his wife gets mad at him for leaving her side.
He said that she is usually fast asleep in this period, it’s not like they’re going to have sex, or have a conversation or anything.
She just wants him to be in bed beside her.
He thinks it’s he didn’t do anything wrong… I think so too
Please married men in the house, do you experience this too?
Is my friend wrong to watch TV in the living room at night leaving his wife’s side or is the woman just over reacting?
I Will Be In The Comment Section.